Western Wildlife Corridor is very active restoring wildlife habitat at several special preserves in the Ohio River valley. In our neck of the woods, this usually means removing invasive alien plant species like Amur Honeysuckle or Garlic Mustard so that the native plants and animals can prosper. For these, you need to bring work gloves,…

Help us create newsletters and get our mailings out to our members.

“Adopt” a particular preserve and help out with habitat restoration whenever they have the time.

Interact with guests, provide general information about the facility and the show, monitor/guard doors, and catch butterflies. We’re seeking both morning and afternoon volunteers.

The Waterfront parks rely on volunteers to perform the invaluable task of removing litter from the riverbanks as well as assisting with data entry. Carol Ann’s Carousel has a need for an Ambassador/Greeter who can provide information and enhance the overall Carousel experience.

There is a tremendous need for outdoor and gardening enthusiasts to help maintain urban parks and greenspaces throughout by: Removing honeysuckle and other invasive plants, Planting flowers and trees, Removing and/or replacing ground cover

Work alongside a Cincinnati Cares staff member to support the volunteer engagement needs of business partners. Help plan team days of service, run volunteer engagement team meetings and create strategic development plans for company-wide volunteer engagement.

Explore & collect research and publicaions on volunteer engagement. (Basic computer skills and database experience preferred)

Publish nonprofit organization and event listings on Cincinnati Cares. (Basic computer skills & database experience preferred)

Help film, edit & create short YouTube videos of events, volunteer interviews, etc. to post on social media. (Video creation & computer skills preferred)