The goal of this project was to design a website that allows users to (1) search for the natural occurrences and institutional collections of different plant species in California, and (2) keep track of and update the users’ institutions’ lists of the plant species that they have already collected and plan to collect.

Crowdfunding for ecosystem services prototype for water team

Help with all aspects of the Cincinnati Coffee Festival, a major fundraiser and awareness-raiser for Ohio River Foundation!

We’ve kicked off a new project at the CGC: Treeforestation. We started this reforestation project to save and protect Cincinnati’s green spaces. We will begin by having a series of invasive removal workdays, and then will begin planting native trees. This is an ongoing project, and we could use your help!

Help at the largest paddling celebration in the nation.

Help us capture pictures at events and nonprofits all over the city!

Bring together facility managers, marketing directors and nature educators to develop strategies to get more people to become aware and take advantage of the many outdoor recreational and nature education opportunities available in the region around Cincinnati.

Share best practices, facilitate communication and plan collaborative efforts to preserve, enhance and promote the value of green space in our region.

Bring together recycling directors, solid waste management coordinators, corporate sustainability managers, waste haulers, educators and advocates to develop strategies to dramatically reduce waste by promoting reuse, recycling, and reduction.

Bring together local farmers, distributors, farmers markets, cooperatives, community gardeners, community supported agriculture organizations, health professionals, restaurants, extension services, educational organizations, government entities and processors to develop strategies to increase the demand for local foods, increase production and identify new markets for local foods.

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