Website redesign (primary goal) and mobile app that mirrors their website (secondary goal). Scattering Resources would like to redesign their current website to make it more user friendly in terms of layout, design, and navigation, as well as to integrate efficiency between staff, volunteers, donors, and participants in a centralized nonprofit website.

According to Feeding America, food insecurity may impact up to 42 million people in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this application is to provide reliable last mile food delivery options to partner organizations (food banks, food pantries, etc) to help distribute food to their communities. The platform…

This new technology platform will enable Candorful to scale from: (1) 75 volunteer interview coaches to 100s of coaches. (2) Providing 2000 practice job interview coaching sessions per year to 30,000 coaching sessions per year and beyond. (3) Impacting 700 transitioning military/veterans/military spouses per yr to 10,000+ per yr.

Create a web app with Front end (React/Angular), back end (Firebase, Django, AWS, etc).

We are developing a platform for wellbeing/mental health services for youth and adolescents. The features/functionalities include mental health resources, a mental health self-assessment, integrated messaging through social media platforms, and a directory of counselors (with ability to book online appointments and consultations).

We’re using Firebase’s services for most of the above. In addition, we’re using Google Cloud Functions (through Firebase SDK) for backend. There is no “backend server” just the Cloud Functions, which functions similar to AWS Lambda

Web/mobile app. Using OpenStreetMap API to cross-check current data for immigrants. Checking to see if locations will support undocumented people. Discrepancies will be logged internally for USAHello. Mostly backend dev. Tiny bit of frontend/design but one person can do that

This proposed project, which focuses specifically on modernizing and improving Digitunity’s individual donation matching platform will benefit the 1,400+ nonprofit organizations that make up the Digital Opportunity Network.

Web app design for version 2 of our site. Our goal is to simplify the UX/UI for both the volunteers and students on the website as well as introduce analytics capabilities for teachers. To get the web app they would log in from a browser, with the potential to download an app built through Quasar…

Vergil is a web app designed to help probationers and parolees navigate their case plan responsibilities within their communities one step at a time. Through individualized pathways to success, behaviorally informed nudges, planning prompts, and other supports, Vergil helps our end users turn their intentions to achieve stability into actions that can speed up their…