Warriors and Quiet Waters (WQW) is seeking to create an app to better facilitate and manage their operations and engagement with participants. These services will be used primarily by their participants, staff, and volunteers. A primary function of the app will be to run our Fishing Experiences.

Improve/re-create the water and sanitation for health facility improvement tool.

This project will involve developing a prototype into a full-stack iOS/Android mobile app that allows people in rural areas to access our news, radio, podcast, and other resources relating to Umpqua Watershed. The current radio station only transmits 15 miles maximum. An app will allow those of our community to listen on their phones.

C2K distributes an average of 10,000 systems annually to low-income families. Recipient families are low-income families, with limited or no access to a computer in home and use a cell phone to apply. Since COVID-19, the need for a computer in the home is more important than ever. C2K has been working throughout the pandemic…

The goal of this app is to help to standardize photographs and eventually help differentiate between normal skull shape, deformational plagiocephaly (irregular head shape for infants lying on their back) and craniosynostosis (irregular head shape from premature skull bone fusion which can result in severe developmental delay). Parents drive many hours to Akron for craniosynostosis…

Mobile application to provide disadvantaged youth in urban areas with access to continued learning opportunities and resources for economic opportunity. COVID-19 has further exacerbated barriers of access and participation for vulnerable youth by limiting opportunities to gather and receive support.

Easterseals has an existing e-learning program for job hunting skills. Goal is to convert it into a more modern app-based approach and improve the user experience.