Create a web app with Front end (React/Angular), back end (Firebase, Django, AWS, etc).

The purpose of this project is to get people talking about pangolins and change behaviors as well as the narrative around pangolins. The website functionalities would be community-based intervention, form of interaction where people can post photos, commenting, make suggestions, etc., showcased work (videos on Pangolin Conservation in Africa, and donation function.

We are developing a platform for wellbeing/mental health services for youth and adolescents. The features/functionalities include mental health resources, a mental health self-assessment, integrated messaging through social media platforms, and a directory of counselors (with ability to book online appointments and consultations).

Create an online Learning Management System for our 15 week MORTAR Entrepreneurship Academy program. This project requires design and inplementation.

Our project is to redesign our website so it can be the central hub of communication and engagement for our various partners: volunteer tutors, students, districts & schools, and donors.

We’re using Firebase’s services for most of the above. In addition, we’re using Google Cloud Functions (through Firebase SDK) for backend. There is no “backend server” just the Cloud Functions, which functions similar to AWS Lambda

Mobile app design and development for a mentor/mentee matching app. Building upon the progress made from The Pathway Initiative’s new website, this app project will allow mentors in medicine, health sciences, and STEM to be matched with students interested in learning more about those fields, as well as for students to receive guidance for paths…

Mobile app design for a pancreatitis patient care notebook. Purpose: To build the capacity of patients and caregivers to advocate for better care practices.

Web/mobile app. Using OpenStreetMap API to cross-check current data for immigrants. Checking to see if locations will support undocumented people. Discrepancies will be logged internally for USAHello. Mostly backend dev. Tiny bit of frontend/design but one person can do that

This proposed project, which focuses specifically on modernizing and improving Digitunity’s individual donation matching platform will benefit the 1,400+ nonprofit organizations that make up the Digital Opportunity Network.