Develop for Good Project Proposal Form

Please fill out a proposal for your organization’s project idea by June 4, 2021 in order to be considered for our Summer Project Cycle (starting in late July).

All U.S.-based nonprofits must be registered in the IRS Tax-Exempt database for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. All non-U.S.-based nonprofits must be able to present proof of charity status from their home countries. All other types of organizations (governing agencies, international organizations) must be able to provide proof of status if requested.

We look specifically for proposals that show clear impact and are well-defined, and ask that you refrain from submitting a response until your idea has been completely fleshed out.

Additionally, Develop for Good charges small service fees to cover our own operating and overhead costs. These fees are determined based on the complexity of each individual project request, as well as the size and stage of growth of each nonprofit. For reference, these prices are a small fraction of what it would cost to outsource a project professionally (full-stack development projects can cost anywhere between $20-100K, and we will usually charge <10% of that). Depending on the nonprofit’s financial situation, we may accommodate rare extenuating circumstances and consider serving some nonprofits who do not have the resources to pay for our services.