South Bronx United combines athletics with academic support, college access, mentoring, immigration legal services, and more. Develop for Good volunteers designed a website that provided information about all of SBU’s services and could easily maintained by SBU staff

Develop a WordPress website that introduces BreaktheTide, a new organization whose purpose is to use crowdfunding to create a impact for underprivileged communities

As PRESENT NOW grows to become a national organization, their website needs to appeal to donors, volunteers, and shelters who expect a higher level of professionalism.

The goal of this project was to design a website that allows users to (1) search for the natural occurrences and institutional collections of different plant species in California, and (2) keep track of and update the users’ institutions’ lists of the plant species that they have already collected and plan to collect.

The team redesigned 1Day Sooner’s website and created interactive visualizations that would help create awareness about COVID-19 risk and vaccine funding.

Development of a website to enable youth empowerment in Malawi