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Website Redesign

What we needOur project is to redesign our website so it can be the central hub of communication and engagement for our various partners: volunteer tutors, students, districts & schools, and donors. Since there are so many moving pieces involved in making our organization run, we believe building a website that integrates everything through a pleasing, seamless, and intuitive design is integral to our ability to develop connections and ultimately provide high school students with top tier college essay tutoring. The website will be the most common way for any of these audiences to learn about Connect, how it could benefit them, and how they can become involved.
Estimated timeAbout 14 weeks
Relevant Skills
Figma or other Prototyping Tools, Squarespace or Wordpress or other Content Management Systems, UI, UX
Our missionConnect aims to close the opportunity gap by providing high-quality support to students applying to college.
Education, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality
About usOur staff of highly qualified volunteers who have recently graduated from top tier colleges and universities provide all tutees high-quality college essay tutoring.Our team is committed to empowering all students, inviting joy and relationship-building into our interactions, and minimizing the risk of race-based trauma.