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Web and Mobile App

What we needWebsite redesign (primary goal) and mobile app that mirrors their website (secondary goal). Scattering Resources would like to redesign their current website to make it more user friendly in terms of layout, design, and navigation, as well as to integrate efficiency between staff, volunteers, donors, and participants in a centralized nonprofit website. Other 'wants' would be to integrate a donor system on the website, develop training pages for financial health and career workshops, and offer resources on the site for users. The goal is to convert website visitors to donors and inspire people to support Scattering Resources' mission.
Estimated timeAbout 14 weeks
Relevant Skills
Figma or other Prototyping Tools, React, React Native, Squarespace or Wordpress or other Content Management Systems, UI, UX
Our missionOur mission exists for the purpose of helping those without the basic necessities to live with dignity in the U.S. and Haiti.
Education, Hunger, Life Skills, Poverty
About usIt is the goal of SR to campaign on behalf of these disadvantaged individuals and provide resources that will enable them to move from a state of diasporas and desperation to independence and self-sufficiency. The transition of these individuals from poverty will only come through education, adequate health care, and access to employment, training opportunities and counseling.