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Web and Mobile App

What we needThis project will focus on improving FindHello, a mobile/web app that provides important information for immigrants and refugees when they come to the United States. The project will involve integrating an API to help USAHello cross-check information regarding immigrant services and resources.Additional Skills include Angular and Django.
Estimated time1-2 cycles (About 14 weeks/cycle)
Relevant Skills
Fullstack Web, Ionic, UI, UX
Our missionUSAHello helps refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and their receiving communities thrive with free, high-quality online information and resources in many languages.
Education, Social Justice & Equality
About usUSAHello was founded in 2011 as the Refugee Center Online, in response to the eagerness of newly arrived refugees and other immigrants to learn and adapt, and the lack of online content for this population. Today the digital gap in both language and information geared to non-native English speakers still exists and the growing demand for our services – from 70,000 site visitors in 2016 to more than 800,000 in 2019 – shows that we are meeting a critical need.