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Web and Mobile App

What we needThis proposed project, which focuses specifically on modernizing and improving Digitunityโ€™s individual donation matching platform will benefit the 1,400+ nonprofit organizations that make up the Digital Opportunity Network.UX NEEDS REVAMP: With an easier process made possible through a modern, mobile-first web app, our forthcoming investment in marketing and promotion of the platform will yield more successful donations.NEW APP FEATURES: With the addition of a shipping option, donations will no longer be constrained by geography. Fewer donations will be abandoned, and a larger volume of used computers will reach organizations serving people in need. The marginalized communities served by Network organizations will also benefit, as the end user of the donated goods, paired with digital literacy training and ongoing support.The addition of a financial donation capability within the computer donation process will prove to be an essential step toward revenue growth and wider impact. Establishing this repeatable revenue stream will help Digitunity build capacity, execute more effectively, expand its programming, and grow to meet this urgent, national-scale challenge.To experience the current state of the platform, we encourage you to act as a computer donor and work your way through the process at this link: https://digitunity.org/get-involved/give-equipment/donate-your-computer/Full stack developers, Significant UX/UI
Estimated time2 cycles (About 14 weeks/cycle)
Relevant Skills
Fullstack Web, UI, UX
Our missionThe mission of Digitunity is to eliminate the technology gap, through and with a network of stakeholders and solutions, so that everyone can thrive in a digitally connected society.
Children, Education, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality
About usDigitunity provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives. Since it's founding in 1984, without charging a fee for its work or technology, Digitunity has been a conduit of hope, bridging the gap among corporations and community organizations and public agencies who train people with special needs.