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Web and Mobile App

What we needHazzard: The app and website will provide a simple interface for community members to report pollution events using text, photos, video or other sources. This will provide community groups and officials with a simple way to view citizen complaints and other relevant data for advocacy efforts and legal action. Project may use Flask.
Estimated time2 cycles (About 14 weeks/cycle)
Relevant Skills
Databases (AWS, SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL/SQL), Flask, Fullstack Web, Python, React
Our missionEDF is dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of all people. Guided by science, we create practical solutions that win support because they are nonpartisan, cost-effective and fair.
About usWe began in 1967, as a scrappy group of scientists and a lawyer on Long Island, New York, fighting to save osprey from the toxic pesticide DDT. Using scientific evidence, our founders got DDT banned nationwide.Today, we’re one of the world's leading environmental organizations. In the U.S., Fortune magazine called our board one of the country's most influential nonprofit boards. And science still guides everything we do.