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Wildlife Conservation Network (Pangolins)

209 Mississippi Street San Francisco, Ca 94107
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New Website

What we needThe purpose of this project is to get people talking about pangolins and change behaviors as well as the narrative around pangolins. The website functionalities would be community-based intervention, form of interaction where people can post photos, commenting, make suggestions, etc., showcased work (videos on Pangolin Conservation in Africa, and donation function.
Estimated timeAbout 14 weeks
Relevant Skills
Figma or other Prototyping Tools, Squarespace or Wordpress or other Content Management Systems, UI, UX
Our missionWe work to raise awareness of pangolins and foster public interest in pangolin conservation.
Animals, Environment
About usEarlier this year, we partnered with Save Pangolins, a US non-profit to raise almost $10,000 for pangolin conservation ( Pangolins are the most illegally traded wild animal, yet are not often talked about.