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1329 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Oh
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New Website

What we needCreate an online Learning Management System for our 15 week MORTAR Entrepreneurship Academy program. This project requires design and inplementation.
Estimated timeAbout 14 weeks
Relevant Skills
Figma or other Prototyping Tools, Graphic Design, Squarespace or Wordpress or other Content Management Systems, UI, UX
Our missionSince 2014, MORTAR aims to create diverse communities by enabling historically marginalized entrepreneurs to access the resources needed to start & run successful businesses.
Education, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality
About usAt MORTAR, we believe that entrepreneurship can change lives. When people have ownership in an area, they also have pride. That pride manifests itself in the way that the residents become involved in their neighborhoods; no longer feeling like spectators watching life happen from the “cheap seats” – but instead taking the field, making plays as productive members of society.