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New Mobile App

What we needWe are developing a mobile application that allows users to support critical conservation work around the world in real-time. We need help creating a core feature within the application which is the group feature. We are working to host IUCN Species Specialist Groups within the Key Conservation platform so they can collaborate and work together to better implement their missions. Specialist Groups are responsible for creating survival plans for species all over the world and they need a better way to meet and interact. There is an existing platform that this is being built into. This is a cross-platform web and mobile development/design project.
Estimated time2 cycles (About 14 weeks/cycle)
Relevant Skills
AWS Amplify, Databases (AWS, SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL/SQL), Expo, Graphic Design, GraphQL, React Native, UI, UX
Our missionWe are helping conservationists fill critical gaps of funding and support in real-time through our global platform.
Animals, Environment
About usIt all started when we were working on a sea turtle project together in the Caribbean. One day we received a call about a nest that was being washed out to sea. The problem was our project did not have any money left and we would have to wait until the following week for funds to come through. During the drive to the nest, all we could think about was how there had to be a better way to reach out to the world to get real-time support.