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What we needThis project’s aim is to empower young people in West Africa to develop digital fluency and an entrepreneurial approach to community-based problem solving through a system of direct cash payments onto mobile phones. Our main goal is both to lessen economic pressure on young people in regions that are hard hit by global inequality and to give them the tools and means to build solutions for local problems that make an innovative use of their community’s assets. We thus intend to improve the well-being of the communities participating in the project while also enabling them to develop the problem-solving mentality and collaborative practices that will create sustainable opportunities for them in the future.The widespread use of mobile phone-based money transfer services in developing countries has also made it easier than ever to send money directly to people in need at almost no cost. Social Income wants to harness this potential by combining two approaches to wealth redistribution. The first is Universal Basic Income, which is a promising path to building a more equal and inclusive society. The second is direct cash transfers to people living in extreme poverty. Not only has research shown that those who receive direct aid greatly benefit from the money, it’s also shown that they use it locally, responsibly, and successfully. Sending regular, long-term cash contributions to people in need can have a big impact on reducing poverty. And we think it can be done from person to person, without relying on government improvements to social infrastructure, which is mostly non-existent in the world’s poorest countries. By directly sending cash to recipients, Social Income also circumvents the administrative costs that are unfortunately hard to avoid for NGOs.
Estimated timeAbout 20 weeks
Relevant Skills
Flutter, Fullstack Web, Graphic Design, Java, React Native, Swift, UI, UX
Our missionFighting global poverty with the help of everyday people.
Poverty, Social Justice & Equality
About usSocial Income was founded as a non-profit organization in Zurich, Switzerland. The organization is headed by its founder and a legal counsel.