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New Mobile App

What we needMobile app design for a pancreatitis patient care notebook.Purpose: To build the capacity of patients and caregivers to advocate for better care practices. We believe and see evidence that informed patients receive better care and are also more engaged in their care, which is key when managing complex chronic conditions such as --pancreatitis.Vision: Our overall vision for the product is for the app to be a handy, user-friendly, and interactive platform for patients to learn more about pancreatitis, make sense of it as it applies to their individual experience, and engage with the healthcare system to demand better care. In the future, we want to see a two-way dialogue between the user and the app - a place where user can learn, make notes, and keep a running list of questions for his/her physician.Features:- Must-have features: interactive user interface, ability to use on iOS and Android, ability to follow curated content flow but also the ability to jump around to read/search for content that the user wants to read (jump around the content flow).- Nice-to-have features: two-way information flow between user and app.
Estimated time1-2 cycles (About 14 weeks/cycle)
Relevant Skills
Figma or other Prototyping Tools, Java, Squarespace or Wordpress or other Content Management Systems, Swift, UI, UX
Our missionBeginning with chronic pancreatitis, we are committed to advancing new therapies and accelerating a cure for debilitating and untreatable diseases—within ten years.
About usWe serve the patients & communities affected by recurrent acute and chronic pancreatitis. Our impact extends to disease research and healthcare, applying innovative financing models to advance new therapies and cures.