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Our missionWe work to generate social impact across a range of issues, with an emphasis on benefiting those with the least in unequal societies around the world. That is the only way to truly improve millions of lives.
Social Justice & Equality


About usWe’re a non-profit that uses insights from behavioral science to improve lives, build better systems and policies, and drive social change. Twelve years ago, ideas42 started in a small office at Harvard University. Since then, we have partnered with foundations, non-profits, government agencies, and socially-minded companies to work on more than 250 projects in over 45 countries, using behavioral science to improve tens of millions of lives around the world.

New Web App

Vergil is a web app designed to help probationers and parolees navigate their case plan responsibilities within their communities one step at a time. Through individualized pathways to success, behaviorally informed nudges, planning prompts, and other supports, Vergil helps our end users turn their intentions to achieve stability into actions that can speed up their exit from the criminal justice system.