Data Visualization
Gender IDEAL

Data Visualization

What we needThis project will involve creating a data visualization tool to measure gender equity in the workplace using data from the Gender IDEAL assessment, which is a Typeform survey. This dashboard will help companies visualize and produce deeper insight to areas of improvement, particularly for women and disadvantaged minorities. It would ideally automate the data collection process and streamline internal reporting. Companies will be able to download their personalized benchmark report that includes metrics and visualizations from the dashboard to understand their absolute and relative performance to other companies. Lastly, the dashboard will emphasize areas of improvement and help identify strategies for creating a more gender equitable workplace.
Estimated timeAbout 10 weeks
Relevant Skills
Python, R, Tableau
Our missionWe envision a future of work that is Gender IDEAL. To reach that vision, we must create workplaces that are Inclusive, Diverse, Equal in Access and Leadership (IDEAL) for all genders.
Education, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality
About usGender IDEAL is a 501(c)3 designed to be the platform for workplaces to understand their performance on gender equity and to identify and take action to improve.