Data Visualization
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Juguetes Buffalo Medellin, Cra 43a ## 25a 84, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
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Data Visualization

What we needWe need to create an API in order to generate more value in the way we gather information of the cultural and artistic agenda of the city of Medellín and we need to incorporate BI in the data bases we have. In addition we need some web development.
Estimated timeAbout 10 weeks
Relevant Skills
Python, R, Tableau
Our missionOur purpose is to influence the transformation of being and the city.
Arts & Culture, Education
About usWe are a city appropriation agency that consolidates the offer of art and culture in Medellín and the rest of the municipalities of the Aburrá Valley. But not only that. Among our citizen appropriation activities we design experiences of knowledge and shared knowledge.