Data Analysis and Processing
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Data Analysis and Processing

What we needData analysis through application of natural language processing. Project goal is to elucidate language patterns to determine the potential for bias based on age, gender, or race of the applicant. We would seek to publish our findings in an academic journal, potentially split between validating the methods for our computer linguistic analysis and another focused on linguistic patterns within the letters themselves.
Estimated timeAbout 14 weeks
Relevant Skills
NLP, Python
Our missionNow, 100 years later, the vision of the founders remains Cleveland Clinic’s mission: caring for life, researching for health, and educating those who serve.
About usCleveland Clinic was at the forefront of modern medicine when its founders opened it as a multi-specialty group practice in 1921. In its first century, Cleveland Clinic has introduced many medical firsts, opened facilities around the world and is proud to be ranked among the top hospitals in the country.